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 4X4 Matrix Membrane Keypad for Robotic Arduino Rasberry
Punch in your secret key into this numeric matrix keypad. This keypad has 16 buttons, arranged in a ..
 Arduino HC-06 Serial Port Bluetooth Module HC06 Wireless
Description :  1) This product can be used to :-            ..
 Arduino Serial IIC I2C LCD 1602 (16x2) Liquid Crystal Display Module
Specification : ​ LCD type : LCD1602 (16*2) IIC / I2C module soldered on LCD. 4 Pinout with VC..
 TP4056 1A Li-ion LiPo Battery Charging; Mini Micro USB Power Charger
Features: This TP4056 specification charger board allows user to charge battery using either a..
120PCS 1uF-470uF Electrolytic Capacitor
Capacitor Features:   Contains : Total 120 pc ( 12 diferent value x10pc ) ..
220v 2000w Speed Controller SCR Voltage SCR Regulator
Features: Suitable for electric furnace, water heater, lamps, small motor, electric iron. etc Conn..
37 Sensor in 1 Starter Sensor Kit for Arduino Uno
Description :  1) A complete set of Arduino's most common and useful electronic components. 2..
5V 4 channels Relay Module
Module parameters: Size: 75mm (length) * 55mm (W) * 19.3mm (height) Weight: 61g PCB Color:..
5V Piezo Buzzer 3-24DC for Electronic Arduino Robotic
​Specification :  Piezo Buzzer 3VDC - 24VDC Size: 17mm (D) x 7mm (H) Rated Current:&nbs..
600pcs Resistor bundle mix (10ohm - 1M ohm) 1/4W
Parts NO :    1% 1/4W Metal Film Resistor Assorted Kit 30 Values (10 Ohm ~1M Ohm..
7 Segment Display Clock Red LED Number ANODE 0.56
Description :  Display digits, dots and characters, Your basic 7-segment LED, displaying cha..
8 Channel Relay Module 5V For Robotic Arduino Rasberry
Descriptions: The relay module is a digital switch to control much higher voltages and currents w..
Acrylic Casing Case for Arduino Uno R3
The dimension of enclosure box is the same as the original arduino UNO R3. Description: Compatib..
ADXL335 Accelerometer GY61 Sensor Module
Description ADXL335 triple axis accelerometer module provides easy access to the X, Y and Z axis ..
ADXL345 Triple-Axis Accelerometer Module GY291
Product Description -The ADXL345 is a small, thin, low power, 3-axis accelerometer with high resolu..
Arduino 2WD Smart Robotics Robot Car Chassis Kit with DC Motor Set
Specification :  high strength plexiglass panels, size 220mm * 150mm high-quality tires..
Arduino 40p Breadboard Dupont Jumper Wire ( 20cm )
Description : 40 Pin Detachable Male-Male / Female-Female / Male-FEmale Jumper Cable-200mm The..
Arduino Compatible Uno R3 geartronic Starter Kit Set Robotic
  Component include          1 x Uno R3 Compatible&nb..
Arduino HC-05 HC05 Wireless Bluetooth Serial Port TX RX Module
Description : Operating voltage: 3.3V Working current: matching for 30 MA, matching the com..
Arduino MB-102 MB102 Large Solderless Breadboard 830 holes
Description :    Brand new and high quality. Model: MB-102 Ever-muse electronic..
Arduino Mega 2560 R3 Compatible free USB cable
Description:  The Arduino Mega 2560 is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega2560 (datash..
Arduino RFID RC522 Card Reader Detector Module Kit
Description :  ​100% Brand new and high quality FID-RC522 FID-RC522 Card Read Antenna RFID ..
Arduino UNO Compatible R3 (Free USB Cable)
Description :  This is clone Arduino UNO R3 microcontroller board comes from China with N..
Arduino Uno Starter Kit Pack
Item include :   40 x male-to-male jumper wires 2 x LEDs (red 5mm) 2 x LEDs (yellow ..
Arduino Uno Ultimate Starter Pack Kit Robotic
Item include :  1) Arduino Uno Rev3 Compatible 2) Solderless Breadboard  3) 40pcs..
Battery Snap 9V c/w Male Dc Plug (2.1mm) Arduino Robotic
Specification :  Plug Type : 2.1 x 5.5mm Male to 9V Battery Clip Material(External) : Plast..
BMP180 I2C Digital Barometric Pressure Sensor Module For Arduino
Description :  By converting the pressure measured into altitude, you have a reliable senso..
Camera Module OV7670 for Robot Arduino Rasberry
This camera module is special for robot、electronic car、image processing and some other  electr..
Ceramic Disc Capacitors 300 pcs Bundle 30type x 10pc
300 pcs (30 pcs x 10 pcs) Ceramic Condenser 2PF-0.1UF Electronic Components Ceramic Condenser Packag..
Crystal Bundle for Arduino 16M 8M  11.0592M 12M 6M 32.768K
Common crystal package passive crystal [32.768K] [6M] [8M] [11.0592M] [12M] [16M] [20M] - 7 differen..