Bushnell 20-280x 100 High Definition Monocular Telescope Binocular

Bushnell 20-280x 100 High Definition Monocular Telescope Binocular

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Model: Bushnell 20-180 x 100
▲ Specifications: 20-180x100 ; 
▲ Material: telescope dedicated engineering materials, including hand-held package a senior real place, feel comfortable; 
▲ weight: net weight is about 1.8 kg, 2.1 kg and even packaging; 
▲ dimensions: 295mm × 220mm × 85mm; 
▲ advanced optical lens coated red film, excellent eye protection and credit for; (clearer) 
▲ ultra-clear built-in wide view mirror, allowing you to watch angle greater; 
▲ exquisite package with all accessories and regular factory; 
▲ instructions in English; 
▲ top wide-angle zoom binoculars
▲ this product is suitable for bird watching, outdoor camping, watch game and other activities. 
use of low magnification glean first goal, and then to high magnification careful observation, to ensure taking anything completed. With it, regardless of the target movement can not escape your eyes

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