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3 in 1 Latest 16 Channel AHD + DVR + NVR CCTV P2P Network HD Recorder
Features: Latest 3in1 16 Channel AHD + DVR + NVR CCTV Recorder AHD is much higher ..
3 in 1 Soil Light Moisture PH Tester Meter (Round)
Specifications: Test Range:  Sunlight : 0-2000 Lumens Moisture (3 lev..
3 in 1 Soil Tester - Light PH Moisture Tester Analog
Features  3-in-1 feature includes: testing your soil value, soil moisture level, and sunl..
3 in 1 Thunderbolt Mini DP Port to HDMI VGA DVI (Square)
Specification :  Input Video Signal:5 Volts p-p (TTL) HDMI/DVI Maximum Single Link Range:..
3 Pin Power Cord Cable (UK Plug) Cable 1.5m
Description : 3 Pin Power Cable With Fuse UK Type ~ make a easy connection with your computer ! ..
3 Pin UK Plug To Desktop PC/CPU Power Supply Cable 1.5m
Power Cable or PC, LCD, Printer use. UK Standard suitable for use in Malaysia  ..
3 RCA to 3 RCA cable Male Plug Adapter 1.5M 3M Audio Video
Description : Colorful 3.5mm male to male flat noodle Jelly audio cable Ideal for stereo audio..
3.5mm Mini Aux Male Stereo Right to 3 RCA Female Audio Video AV Cable
This cable is perfect for connecting your personal video player or camcorder to your TV. It will con..
3.5mm Stereo Audio Female Jack to 2 RCA Male Plug Cable
Description : 100% Brand new and high quality Individual RCA plugs for easy connection (Y cab..
3/4 "-12 mm 90-degree solenoid water valve 12Vdc
Description :  Liquid use: water Type: normally closed Voltage: DC12V Dimensions: G..
30kg Digital Platform Fruit Vege Scale (English Version)
*Colour Option : Black / White ​   ..
30kg Platform Weight Digital Price Fruit Vege Scale (English Version)
Color Option : Unit will either be White or black ​ ..
37 Sensor in 1 Starter Sensor Kit for Arduino Uno
Description :  1) A complete set of Arduino's most common and useful electronic components. 2..
4 Channel 2MP 1080P AHD CCTV P2P Network FULL HD Recorder
Latest 3in1 4 Channel AHD + DVR + NVR CCTV Recorder 2mp 1080p AHD is much higher..
4 Channel 5V Relay Module
Module parameters: Size: 75mm (length) * 55mm (W) * 19.3mm (height) Weight: 61g PCB Color:..
4 In 1 LCD Digital Soil Temperature Sunlight Moisture PH Tester
Features Let you know the temperature, moisture, pH and light levels in the soil Designed sp..
40 Pin 1x40 Single Row Male 2.54 Breakable Pin Header Connector Strip
Specification:   Pitch: 2.54mm Gender of connector: male Number of pin: 40 Pin ..
5mm LED Super Bright RGB (Common Anode)
Overview This is a 5mm RGB LED (Red Green Blue) with four pins. Triple output one for each color wi..
5V 2.5A Micro USB Power Supply Adapter for Raspberry Pi 3 / Arduino
Connection : 2.5mm (0.8mm - internal ) - UK Plug ​ ​..
5V Piezo Buzzer 3-24DC for Electronic Arduino Robotic
​Specification :  Piezo Buzzer 3VDC - 24VDC Size: 17mm (D) x 7mm (H) Rated Current:&nbs..
5v Power Adapter UK Plug 3amp 3000ma
Connection : 2.5mm (0.8mm - internal ) - UK Plug ​ ​..
600pcs Resistor bundle mix (10ohm - 1M ohm) 1/4W (30 types)
Parts NO :    1% 1/4W Metal Film Resistor Assorted Kit 30 Values (10 Ohm ~1M Ohm..
6V/12V 3A PWM Solar Panel Charge Controller charger
Description : Intelligent System Optimum Controller by MCU  High efficient Series PWM c..
7 Segment Display Clock Red LED Number ANODE 0.56
Description :  Display digits, dots and characters, Your basic 7-segment LED, displaying cha..
8 Channel 2MP AHD 1080P CCTV Recorder P2P FULL HD
Features Support:  Latest 3in1 - 8 Channel AHD + DVR + NVR CCTV Recorder AHD ..
8 Channel CCTV AHD + DVR + NVR CCTV P2P Network HD Recorder
Features Support:  Latest 3in1 - 8 Channel AHD + DVR + NVR CCTV Recorder AHD&..
8 Channel Relay Module 5V For Robotic Arduino Rasberry
Descriptions: The relay module is a digital switch to control much higher voltages and currents w..
8 in 1 Digital Compass Altimeter Barometer Thermometer Moutain Hiking
Features: 8 in 1 Function: Digital altimeter, with digital barometer, digital compass, weather ..
A830L Digital Multimeter DC AC Current Volt Voltage Meter Tester
A830L: Features: 1. The meter is a manual 31/2 digital multimeter for measuring AC / DC voltage an..
ADXL335 Accelerometer GY61 Sensor Module
Description ADXL335 triple axis accelerometer module provides easy access to the X, Y and Z axis ..