High Quality  Reflective Astronomical Telescope Night Vision  F76700

High Quality Reflective Astronomical Telescope Night Vision F76700

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This telescope has been designed to provide views of the Moon's craters, Jupiter's major moons, and Saturn's rings, in addition to dozens of galaxies, star clusters and nebulae. It can also be used as a terrestrial telescope to view nature and wildlife. There is an image erector that converts upside-down image to right-side up.

Telescope Type: Reflector telescope
Primary Mirror Diameter: 76mm
Focal Length: 700mm

Magnification range (without Barlow lens and erecting eyepiece): 35x, 56x, 175x (Note: Magnification is arrived at by dividing the focal length of telescope (700mm) by the focal length of eyepiece).
Magnification range (with 3x Barlow Lens and 1.5x erecting eyepiece): 105x, 168x, 525x

Fully multi-coated optics for excellent image contrast and light transmission.
Mount: Alt-azimuth
Overall package weight: approx. 7kg (15 lb.)
Telescope Length: 67cm
Finish/Colour: Metallic GREY.

Package includes:
1) Main metal telescope optical tube.
2) Telescope clamp.
3) Eyepieces (3 eyepieces with standard 1.25” fitting): 4mm, 12.5mm, 20mm
4) 1.5x erecting eyepiece for terrestrial observations;
5) Barlow Lens: 2x magnification
6) Image Erecting Eyepiece: 1.5x
7) Finder Scope 5x 24;
8) Nite Vision Lens

Sturdy and height adjustable aluminium tripod (full height: 110cm), with accessory tray;
Lens cover;
User manual/set-up instruction.
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