Key Lock Box Wall Mount with Hook 4-Digit Combination Key Storage

Key Lock Box Wall Mount with Hook 4-Digit Combination Key Storage

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Convenient: After you bought this key lock box no need put your keys under the carpet or flowerpot for hiding.Just tell your 4-digit combination to people who you allowed them get into your house
Security: Combination lockbox was made of high strength Aluminum alloy , which can protect the box from hammering, sawing or prying,it is rust-resistance.It's a sturdy and reliable key safe box.
Normally it could contain up to 6pcs keys with a key chain,Large internal space allows secure storage for multiple keys.
Installation: Two way installation with a removable shackle.You could hang it exactly where you need like door knob or car.Or you can fix the lock box on the door or wall.Lock box suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
It is convenient for realtors, cleaners, friends, Tenants,guests,family, who you allowed to get in your house. Great for For children after school, cleaning or maintenance services, vacation, pet sitters , for people on the go,never get locked out your home again.

Product description:
Key lock box make your life so easy and convenient.
The original code is 0000 easy operate just rotate the number to your correct code then push the lever to open the box.
The instruction guide takes your through steps to reset combination many times as you want.
It could offer 10000 combination.The 4-digit combination is easy to remember and reset.
Color: Black,Gray
Material: Aluminum alloy
Dimensions: height 170mm, width 85mm, thickness 40mm
Package Included:
1 x key lock box
1 x User Manual

Note tips:
1.Keep the lock box shutter closed at all times to protect combination dials from weather
2.We recommend avoiding combinations such as "0-0-0-0". For best security, choose a combination that is difficult to crack.
3.Rotate the dials weekly to maximize their lifespan.
4.DO NOT forget your combination code. This lock box can

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