90x200cm ChalkBoard BlackBoard Sticker Wallpaper + Free Chalk

90x200cm ChalkBoard BlackBoard Sticker Wallpaper + Free Chalk

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Blackboard Whiteboard Sticker Board Wallpaper 90x200cm  

Description :

Children's blackboard wall paste, non-toxic odor free, environmental protection 0 formaldehyde, service life of up to 5 

years, glue self-adhesive, waterproof and mildew proof, soft and rolling, writing smoothly, a wipe is clean

Can be used for children graffiti, education training, kindergarten blackboard, company office, individual bulletin board.

Warm tip: when you want to wipe the blackboard paste, it is recommended to wipe the cloth with water, so that the chalk 

dust can be absorbed on the cloth, reduce dust, but also can wipe the blackboard paste more quickly

It is suitable for painting walls, glass, metal, ceramic tile, wood board, hard plastic and other smooth surfaces.

It is not suitable for plaster walls, cracked walls, cement walls, textured wallpaper, uneven ceramic tiles, ground glass 

and other non-smooth surfaces


We Do not Ship to East Malaysia
We Do not Ship to East Malaysia
We Do not Ship to East Malaysia
We Do not Ship to East Malaysia
We Do not Ship to East Malaysia



Material: PVC
This product can be wiped, can be cut with it, no longer have to worry about children graffiti on wall

100% brand new and high quality
Quick and easy to apply through walls, refrigerators or kitchen cabinets
Some wall paints are designed to resist stickers, please check before purchasing
Pleaee clean the wall leaving no dust and dirt before applying the stickers onto your wall
Please don't use it on freshly painted walls,Place on a smooth flat surface such as walls or windows etc
Water proof
Thickness: 0.08mm

Shipping : Item Do not Ship to East Malaysia

Package Contents:

Black - FREE 5 x chalks for blackboard
White - FREE 1 x marker for whiteboard


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