LED Headband Magnifier Lighted Head Magnifying Glass x10 Loupe Watch

LED Headband Magnifier Lighted Head Magnifying Glass x10 Loupe Watch

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Lens Adjustable Loupe Headband Magnifying Glass Magnifier with LED Magnifying Glasses



Color: Black + Grey
Dimensions: Length 25cm, wearing a diameter 17-23cm (one size scaling,  since the measurement is less than the above data, there is a small  amount of error)
Material: ABS + SGS power lens
Magnification: 1.5X 3X 6.5X 8X 10X
Type: Surgical magnifying glass, watch repair magnifier, computer maintenance magnifying glass.


There are two parallel lens assembly parts, and you can also overlap  two lenses for getting a higher magnifying multiple. But attention  please, the focusing distance will become nearer when the magnifying  multiple become higher.
You can also use this product even if you wear glasses. The belt size can be adjusted.
Detachable bulb device and the angle of the lamp can be adjustable.
When the light source device is unnecessary, you can take out the light source box
Material of lens: Acrylic resin (Processed by crack-proofrigid coating)
Size of lens: 8.9 x 2.9cm
Single-lens diameter: 0.4cm
Materials: ABS resin PP resin.
All the lenes of this glasses series are interchangeable.
Power by: 2 x AAA batteries (Not included)
2 LED bulbs

Product detailed list: LED wearing magnifying glass * 1


Headband-Magnifying-Glass-Magnifier-with-LED02.jpg Headband-Magnifying-Glass-Magnifier-with-LED03.jpg Headband-Magnifying-Glass-Magnifier-with-LED04.jpg Headband-Magnifying-Glass-Magnifier-with-LED05.jpg Headband-Magnifying-Glass-Magnifier-with-LED06.jpg  Headband-Magnifying-Glass-Magnifier-with-LED07.jpg

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