12 Cups KangZhu Vacuum Body Cupping Set Massage Therapy Body Suction

12 Cups KangZhu Vacuum Body Cupping Set Massage Therapy Body Suction

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New Chinese Medical 12 cups Vacuum Body Cupping Set Portable Massage Therapy Kit body suction to lose weight with extension tube
1. New and high quality
2. Plastic cups based on the traditional cups by applying the traditional cupping therapy together with the magnetic therapy. The new cups have done away with the traditional firing
3. This has made the application of the cups more easily and safely. It has a good penetrating effect and a big drawing strength
4. It has not only improved efficacy but also simplified the procedures of cupping therapy. The improved plastic cups for ancient Chinese cupping therapy are available for supply
5. Easier to be handled and safer to be used for self-treatment at home
6. In China, the new cups are very popular for family cupping treatment
7. The product is composed of vacuum cup,vacuum gun, and adaptors
8. This products is a kind of device used for cupping and scraping in clinical treatment and healthcare

1. Vacuum gun air tightness: The vacuum gauge shows a value not less than 0.06Mpa on consecutive full-course suction for 10 times
2. Vacuum cup air tightness: Under mormal conditions,the vacuum cup will not spontaneously drop off within 20 minutes
3. Vacuum cup intensity: After sucked on for 30 minutes continuously, the vacuum cup will not be distorted
4. Vacuum gun dimension: 17cmx6.3cm
Manual measurement , please allow 1-3cm errors
There are six kinds of boxes of different sizes cupping, a total of 12 pc

What is in the box?
1x 12 Cups Body Cupping Set
12acupunture-02.jpg 12acupunture-03.jpg 12acupunture-04.jpg 12acupunture-05.jpg 12acupunture-06.jpg 12acupunture-07.jpg  12acupunture-09.jpg 12acupunture-010.jpg

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