Arduino 4000W AC-AC Regulator LED Dimmer / Motor Speed Controller

Arduino 4000W AC-AC Regulator LED Dimmer / Motor Speed Controller

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Description : 

4000W AC voltage regulator, easy to use, can play dimming, thermostats, pressure effect

Voltage: AC220V
Maximum power: 4000W
Voltage Regulation: AC0 ~ AC20V
Size: L85mm x W60mm x H40mm rotation hole 6mm
SCR Model: BT-800B


The role of the product access AC220V, output is connected to the electric wire or electrical appliances,
rotary potentiometer, can play speed, pressure, thermostat

Suitable for:

Using the new two-way high-power thyristor, because the design maximum current can reach 20A,
a good solution to the problem of over-current electric wire in the case of cooling caused by the resistance is too small, can easily adjust the output voltage at AC0 ~ any adjustment between AC220V


Note that the load can not exceed the specified maximum power,
otherwise it will burn the module and electrical
Try using a resistive load, inductive capacitive load power to be greatly reduced
Do not try to open or modify regulator

Package include:

1x Regulator

scrregulator-02.jpg scrregulator-03.jpg scrregulator-04.jpg scrregulator-05.jpg scrregulator-06.jpg scrregulator-07.jpg scrregulator-08.jpg scrregulator-09.jpg scrregulator-10.jpg scrregulator-11.jpg scrregulator-12.jpg

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