Yuwell Multifunctional Two Head Double Dual Head Medical Stethoscope

Yuwell Multifunctional Two Head Double Dual Head Medical Stethoscope

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Description :
  1. An acoustic medical device for auscultation or hearing the inner sounds (lung and sounds of the heart) of an animal or the human body.
  2. To listen to the bowels and blood flow in the arteries and veins.
  3. in combination with a sphygmomanometer (not included), it can be used for blood pressure measurement.
  4. The copper head is durable and captures the sound effectively.
  5. Professionals can use the bell head to hear the fetal heart.
  6. Dual-spring is more durable and adjusts to different sizes for better fit.
  7. Dual-lumen acoustic tubing decreases the sound attenuation and ensures sound quality.
  • Frequency response curve: 500-1000Hz
  • Earphone elasticity: 1,372-1,960N
  • Hardness of spring leaf : HR15N82.9-88.4
  • Attenuation ≤ 12dB, 500-1000Hz ≤20dB
  • PVC pipe : latex-free
Package Include : 
1 X Dual head of the stethoscope

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