12V 6A Car Motorcycle Battery Charger Jumper Starter Pengecas Bateri

12V 6A Car Motorcycle Battery Charger Jumper Starter Pengecas Bateri

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Features :

  1. 100% Brand new and high quality
  2. Easy and Convenient to use.
  3. Keep the battery charger output when using the clip were received on the positive and negative battery, the red clip to the positive (+), black clip to the negative (-), and then plug in the power, then you can be charged.
  4. Charging process is completely automated (constant voltage, constant current, float), can be fully automatically selected depending on the battery charge mode and the protection of the state and so on.
  5. Portable Design, it has a small shape so it can be carried in your car so that when you need it you can use it whenever you want.


  • Input Voltge: 220V
  • Output Voltage: 13.8V
  • Rated Output Current: 6A
  • Work Efficiency: 95%
  • Rated Charging Range: 12V 20AH-80AH battery
  • Input cable :83cm
  • Output cable : 33cm
  • Charging time:4~6hours(Don't exceed 24hours continueous charging time)
  • Connect the battery terminals. Red to Battery Positive (+)Black to Battery Negitive(-)
  • The display will become framed in Red with green bars When the battery is fully charged, all the green bars will be illuminated. The charger enters floating mode.
  • Our charger has anti-access Protection.overload protection,Circuit protection. It uses pulsed High frequency direct current.
  • Universal for 12V battery
  • Plug Standard: EU

20ah80ah-02.jpg 20ah80ah-03.jpg 20ah80ah-04.jpg 20ah80ah-05.jpg 20ah80ah-06.jpg 20ah80ah-07.jpg 20ah80ah-08.jpg 20ah80ah-09.jpg 20ah80ah-10.jpg 20ah80ah-11.jpg 20ah80ah-12.jpg 20ah80ah-13.jpg 20ah80ah-14.jpg

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