12pcs 4 Inch 4" Car Polishing Polish Waxing Wax Sponge Pad Kit

12pcs 4 Inch 4" Car Polishing Polish Waxing Wax Sponge Pad Kit

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*Mainly use for car polishing and buffing.
*Rich and uniform, fine porosity, have super elastic, toughness and water absorb ability.
*High strength ability, good plasticity, sharp and wear-resisting, good self sharpening.
*With the polishing liquid (paste, powder) used in conjunction with the surface to be polished to achieve better polishing effect.
*It can be used to drill, speed angle grinder, polishing machines.
*For general car paint, furniture polished finish! Very convenient and effective!
* Widely used in non-ferrous metals, carbide and various non-metallic materials, polishing fine grinding, ultra-fine grinding and mirror grinding.
*Additional foam pads in different size,thicknesses and types are available from our Shop


Package Include:

  •  2 x Black Pad Premium Medium Foam Light Cut
  •  2 x Orange Light cut pad
  •  1 x Woolen pad for finish polish
  •  1 x Hook&Loop Backer Plate
  •  1 x Drill Adapter
  •  1 x Red Waffle Detail Polish pad
  •  1 x Green Waffle pad for Light cut
  •  1 x Orange Waffle pad for Light Cut
  •  1 x Blue Waffle pad for wax And Do Buff
  •  1 x Black Waffle pad for buff and Do wax​
  • 4inch12pcs-02.jpg


polishpad-02.jpg polishpad-03.jpg polishpad-04.jpg polishpad-05.jpg polishpad-06.jpg polishpad-07.jpg polishpad-08.jpg polishpad-09.jpg polishpad-10.jpg polishpad-11.jpg polishpad-12.jpg polishpad-13.jpg

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