Crocodile / Alligator Clip with Wire 50cm - 10pcs per Pack

Crocodile / Alligator Clip with Wire 50cm - 10pcs per Pack

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  1. This is Alligator Clips Electrical DIY Test Leads 10pcs of Double-ended Crocodile Clips Roach Clip.
  2. It is insulation covered clips connected to the wire from both ends.
  3. It is useful in electrical or laboratory electric testing work.
  4. Alligator clips are frequent use in school physics laboratories to quickly and cheaply assemble circuits.
  5. They are very useful for connecting components to wires.
  6. Alligator clips can also be used as miniature clamps to hold parts together.
  7. In addition, it is also useful for gluing and wires together for soldering.
  8. Easy for installation and safety for use with the insulation red soft plastic insulation cover.
  • Double ended crocodile / alligator clips
  • The colors of the leads allow you to combine the test without crossing wires or causing shorts
  • Can be used as low voltage jumper wires
  • Great for making temporary connections while building and testing electronic gear
  • Alligator clips are made of iron and anti-corrosion
  • 100% Brand new and high quality
  • Total length from the clasp clip: 41mm
  • Remove the metal sheath length: 27mm
  • Total length of the belt line: 50 cm
  • Maximum openings: 1 cm
  • Alligator clip lips width: 2.5mm
  • Quantity: 10 pieces
  • Colour: Red, Green, Yellow, White and Black (two of each color)
  • Material: Steel, Plastic,

Packages Included:
10 x Alligator Clips Wires
AlligatorClips-02.jpg AlligatorClips-03.jpg AlligatorClips-04.jpg AlligatorClips-05.jpg AlligatorClips-06.jpg AlligatorClips-07.jpg AlligatorClips-08.jpg

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