Diode Rectifier 1N4007 1A 1000V DO-41

Diode Rectifier 1N4007 1A 1000V DO-41

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Product Description
A 1N4007 Diode is a device which allows current flow through only one direction. That is the current should always flow from the Anode to cathode.
The maximum current carrying capacity is 1A it withstand peaks up to 30A. Hence we can use this in circuits that are designed for less than 1A.  The reverse current is 5uA which is negligible. The power dissipation of this diode is 3W.

1N4007 Diode Features:

  • Average forward current is 1A
  • Non-repetitive Peak current is 30A
  • Reverse current is 5uA
  • Peak repetitive Reverse voltage is 1000V
  • Power dissipation 3W

Available in DO-41 Package
1N4007 Equivalent Diodes: 1N4148, 1N4733A, 1N5408, 1N5822, Zener Diodes
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