Vibration Tilt Sensor SW-420 Blue [ 10pc ] SW420

Vibration Tilt Sensor SW-420 Blue [ 10pc ] SW420

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10pc SW420 blue vibration switch SW-420 vibration sensor ball switch shake

Single-roller type full induction trigger switch. When no vibration or tilt, the product is ON conduction state, and in the steady state, when a vibration or tilt, the switch will be rendered instantly disconnect the conductive resistance increases, generating a current pulse signal, thereby triggering circuit. This specification products are completely sealed package, waterproof, dustproof.

Usually at any angle switch is ON state, by the vibration or movement, the rollers of the conduction current in the switch will produce a movement or vibration, causing the current through the disconnect or the rise of the resistance and trigger circuit. The characteristics of this switch is usually general in the conduction state briefly disconnected resistant to vibration, so it's high sensitivity settings by IC, customers according to their sensitivity requirements for adjustments.

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10unit  SW420

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