NB F185A 22 to 27 Inch TV Monitor Desktop Bracket Mount USB Port

NB F185A 22 to 27 Inch TV Monitor Desktop Bracket Mount USB Port

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Description :
F185A dual screen desktop mount is another perfect and ideal accessory enhance and improve your quality and efficiency of work in both office and home. With the aid of durable spring tension, enable you to interact with screens by swinging them left, right, lift up and down with full range of motion provide unsurpassed ergonomic comfort, in result, reducing your computer-related eye strain by the end of the work day.
Features :
  • Universal support for 2x LCD and LED screens
  • 360 ° adjustment
  • Compact design
  • 2 x USB 3.0 port in the base
  • Gas springs that allow the height of the screens to be adjusted without the need for tools
  • Screen height adjustment
  • Possibility to orient, tilt and rotate the screens
  • VESA mounting system
  • PIVOT system that allows you to rotate the screen 360 °
  • Fixing with desk clamp or with hole for desks
  • Concealed cable system that allows cables to pass through the arm and improve aesthetics
  • Made of sturdy aluminum and steel alloy
Specification  :
  1. Desk support for two monitors 22 ″ - 27 ″
  2. Model: NB F185A
  3. For 2x monitors  from 22 "- 27"
  4. Maximum load of 16 kg (8 kg per screen)
  5. VESA compatible: 75 × 75, 100 × 100
  6. Tilt adjustment: + 55 / -8 °
  7. Adjustment of the rotation of the screens, right - left 180 °
  8. Shield height adjustment up to 295 mm
  9. Maximum arm extraction: 625 mm
  10. The support guarantees the correct operation of the screens with weight from 2 to 8 kg for each monitor
  11. Mounting on desk with maximum thickness:  90 mm
  12. PIVOT function: ± 360 °

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