Full Stainless Steel Hardened Digital Caliper Vernier 6 inch 150mm

Full Stainless Steel Hardened Digital Caliper Vernier 6 inch 150mm

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Description :

Designed for long-lasting durability

This quality-perfect digital caliper is made of strong hardened stainless still for resist corrosion, and ensuring that it will always glide smoothly and provide accurate positioning.
Our Digital Caliper comes with its own hard shell snap-lock storage case. This safeguards your caliper from impacts and drops, and allows you to store it safely and discreetly in your vehicle or tool cabinet.

Two measuring models and Energy Saving
The unit can automatically turn off if no operated for about 5 minutes. The zero distance also can be set at any distance.
Helpful in measuring deviations from a standard distance, with one button users can easily change the measuring model to Millimeter/Inch, only through one button controlling.

Wide Applications

Internal, external, depth, and step measurements can be done and taken in millimeters,inches, or fractions with precision and accuracy.
Designed for home, Woodworking, Jewelr, DIY and professional use, this tool is incredibly precise but so simple a fairly slow toddler could use it.


Specification :

●Color: Silver
●Display: LCD display
●Material: Hardened stainless steel
●Accuracy: 0.2mm/0.001"
●Resolution: 0.01mm/0.0005"
●Measuring Range: 0-150 mm / 0-6"
●Power: Once silver oxide battery LR44, 3v
●Working Temperature: 5℃~40℃/41 to 104 degree F
●Influence of humidity: Not important under 80% of relative humidity


Package Included : 

1 x Electronic Digital Caliper
1 x Sturdy Plastic Case
1 x Built-in Button Battery
1 x Extra Button Battery(3V )
1 x Mini Screwdriver
1 x Instruction Manual

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