16A SMART Power Plug WiFi Socket Malaysia Switch (Voltage Calculator)

16A SMART Power Plug WiFi Socket Malaysia Switch (Voltage Calculator)

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Product Description
SMART LIFE WiFi Smart Socket 10A/13A Malaysia Plug IoT WIFI Control Power Monitoring
Specification: UK Plug Malaysia Plug 3-Pin
Material: ABS Flame Retardant Material
Rated voltage: AC 100-230V 50HZ/60hz
Maximum load current: 10A or 13A (For 13A model power monitoring socket, built-in overload protection)
Maximum power: 2200W or 2800W
WiFi standard: IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Wifi frequency: Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz
Support System: Android/ios
Indicator: Blue LED
Control: Manual control switch, WIFI control switch
 Support Smart life App, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Tmall genie
For iOS user, can use Siri control by adding Siri shortcut, feel free to contact us for setup.
 Product List: Intelligent Socket * 1, Instructions *1
1. Intelligent socket control can cover the living room, bedroom, bathroom, balcony, and other places.
2. As long as the socket has a wireless Internet WiFi environment, the mobile phone also has WIFI to realize the APP remote control socket switch.
3. Support multiple mobile phone control sockets
4. The socket in the home can be remotely controlled in any country(internet needed)
5. This socket uses SMART LIFE APP, perfectly compatible with IOS and Android system.
6. Support the power monitoring function.



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