High Grade 90 Degree Aluminium Right Angle Corner Clamp Swing Jaw Tool

High Grade 90 Degree Aluminium Right Angle Corner Clamp Swing Jaw Tool

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Corner clamp is a handy tool that makes easy your Woodworking and other applications like assembling furniture or cabinet. Whether you are a DIY woodworker or a professional carpenter, corner clamp is a go-to tool. Easy to Use! Great for framing, drilling, doweling, and much more.   It is a good choice for aligning, nailing, woodworking, welding, screwing, making cabinets, box, and picture frames, and can be set up nearly instantaneously.

【High Quality Material】This 90 corner clamp is made of high quality aluminum alloy die-casting based construction that insures optimal Durability.
【90 Degree Angle Clamp】This single handle jaw can be rotated in two-way, making clamping more convenient and holding work pieces precisely. Allows two wood block of different thicknesses to be joined at a 90 degree angle.
【Perfect 90° Corners】This 90 degree clamping square tool convience 90 Degree Right Angle woodwork and save your time.Our corner clamp jig is essential in ensuring balanced project outcomes.
【Wide Application】This wood corner clamp can used as a clamping device for 90° corner joints. Perfect for aligning, nailing, woodworking, welding, screwing, making cabinets, box and picture frames.
【Easy to Use】The anti-skid handle is nicely covered with rubber to ensure users' comfort. Whether for professional use or DIY use, our aluminum corner clamp is absolutely good choice for you


  1. Single handle, adjustable jaw, solid anti-skid handle, help to sets up instantly, secures quickly. 
  2. Floating head and electroplating rotating spindle screw can be adjusted to align and hold work pieces precisely. 
  3. Clamp's body part is aluminum alloy die-casting construction, more durable and stronger. 
  4. Precision clamping, ideal for clamping 90° joints and framework. 
  5. This right angle clamp can clamp different thicknesses of materials(steel rod, metal tube, wood, thick glass, etc).
  6. When working without this clamp, even if you are sure everything is linked up, a little shake can ruin your work. Our right angle clamp can fix the material with your required angle suitable and make work easy and quickly.


  • Body Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Single Handle: Adjustable handle jaw rotation
  • Jaw Opening: 68mm/2.68 inch
  • Jaw Width: 95mm/3.74 inch
  • Jaw Depth: 35mm/1.38 inch
  • Item Weight: 28.75oz
  • Package: 1 x 90° Right Angle Clamp

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