NB MC32 22"-35" Monitor Holder Arm with keyboard Tray

NB MC32 22"-35" Monitor Holder Arm with keyboard Tray

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Description :

  1. MC32 wall-mounted ergonomics interactive workstation designed integrated with multiple configurations and functions to reduce less taxing in the working place. 
  2. MC32 is wall mounted workstation, built by aluminum alloy; the extension of its monitor arm with keyboard tray can be extended and reach up to 100 cm from wall.
  3. Foldable keyboard tray assembly would allow user to retract and flip-up tray to save create room space. 
  4. The height–adjustable display and keyboard tray moves easily and simultaneously lift for desired height, allowing you to work either sit or stand on demand as your choice. 
  5. Fits most 22” to 35” displays with 360 degrees display rotation and maximum load of 3kg to 13kg
  6. Built in durable gad-strut cylinder, it is able to support the entire assembly and hover at any working positions, added with cable management routing under the arm appearing neat and clean. 
  7.  MC32 wall mounted workstation is suitable and ideally for constraint space like home or office and the real benefits are helped to reduce eyes, back bone and neck strain. 

Features :
 * Wall mounted workstation to save home and office space and desk
 * Promoting wellness and productivity in daily routine and home entertainment.
 * Extend, retract and folderable keyboard tray gain room space.
 * Sitting or standing working positions as your choice.
 * Casted aluminum alloy with finest polished and powder coated in black or white.
 * Maximize ergonomic comfort to relieve eyes, neck and back strain.
 * Highly and ultra-flexible movement to reposition with just a touch.
 * Cable management conceals and routes cables under arm.
 * Built in durable gas-strut to hover at any working positions 

 Specification :

  • Fits screen sizes 22” -35”with load range from 3-13kg
  • Upright travelling distance (480 mm)
  • 180 degrees swivel with extension and retraction 39.7” (1010 mm)
  • VESA compliant 75 x 75 to 100 x 100 mm interface, 360 degrees rotation of Display with tilt angles from +12 – 15 degrees. 4” (100 mm) display height adjustment 
  • 3.5 “ ( 90 mm) low profile mounting distance

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