New NB P5 Wall Mount 40-70 inch TV Screen Arm Stand LCD TV stand

New NB P5 Wall Mount 40-70 inch TV Screen Arm Stand LCD TV stand

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Features :

  1. The pitch and horizontal angle can be easily adjusted according to different needs
  2.  Luxurious double-arm structure design, strong and flexible and safer
  3.  Equipped with trace modification slot, convenient and beautiful
  4.  Suitable for use in various places such as family and business

​​Specification :

  •  Hanger material: high-strength steel plate
  •  Applicable screen size: 40 inches ~ 70 inches LCD / LED
  •  Applicable keyhole (VESA) : 200×200mm , 300×200mm , 300×300mm , 400×200mm , 400×300mm , 400×400mm , 600×400mm
  •  Distance to wall: 52mm ~ 380mm
  •  Maximum load: 36.4kg
  •  Pitch angle: +3 °~-5 °
  •  Level adjustment: ± 3 °
  •  Sway from side to side: 180 °
  •  Backplane size: 130x248mm


※ Safety certification ※

☑Insured product accident liability insurance

☑ Passed ISO9001 quality certification

☑Pass the German GS safety standard certification


※ Warm reminder ※

Before choosing a TV stand for installation, you need to understand the type of installation that is suitable for the installation, such as which installation method and related TV stand accessories are suitable for the choice of TV.

You can quickly select a suitable TV stand through the following three main points.

①Confirm the TV size applicable to the back panel of the TV stand.

②Confirm that the weight of the TV is less than the maximum weight of the TV stand.

③Confirm the distance of the TV keyhole (VESA) .

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