12V/24V 40A 50A 60A Solar Panel Battery Charger Controller Regulator

12V/24V 40A 50A 60A Solar Panel Battery Charger Controller Regulator

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Product Details
40A/50A/60A solar controller have premium feature suitable for user that required accurate data on power usage
1) Solar panel charge current (A)
2) Load discharge current (A)
3) Accumulated discharging power (Ah)
4) Accumulated charging power (Ah)
It can automatically recongize 12V or 24V, Lead acid and Gel battery.
Maximum Solar Voltage for 12V Battery is 25V; 24V Battery is 50V
Maximum Solar Watt for Model as show below
40A: 12V 400W; 24V 0800W
50A: 12V 500W; 24V 1000W
60A: 12V 600W; 24V 1200W
USB Output: 5V 2.5A
  1. Build-in industrial micro controller.
  2. Big LCD display with adjustable parameter.
  3. Fully 4-stage PWM charge management.
  4. Build-in short-circuit protection,open-circuit protection,reverse protection,over-load protection.
  5. Dual mosfet Reverse current protection ,low heat production.
1. Connect battery to solar controller - plus then minus
2. Connect solar to solar controller - plus then minus
3. Connect device to solar controller - plus then minus
Reverse order when remove the connection.
An improper sequence order may cause damage on the controller!
Nett Weight : 300G +-
Gross Weight : 350G+-
Box Size (MM): 200x100x50
Package Includes:
1 x Solar Controller

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