Wall Hanging Planting Bags 25 Pocket Green Grow Bag Planter

Wall Hanging Planting Bags 25 Pocket Green Grow Bag Planter

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Description :
25 Pocket Wall Hanging Planting Bags plants Plant Grow Planter Vertical Garden Living Bag Home Garden Tool



1.Reusable, portable, economical and practical. 
2.The felt material, meet environmental standards, non-toxic biodegradable, anti ultraviolet, anti-corrosion, sunscreen, heat.
3.Hanging on the walls, save space, planting strawberries, vegetables, foliage plants.
4.Excess water will automatically drain through felt material. Soft felt, lightweight design for easy movement and hanging.
5.The green wall is a new type of indoor and outdoor wall greening, green to your walls and to make it more beautiful;
  also suitable for indoor decoration, a large piece of green wall of collocation's green plants can make people feel comfortable.


Material: Non-woven fabric

 Package Includes:
1*Wall Hanging Planting Bags

plantingbag-02.jpg plantingbag-03.jpg plantingbag-04.jpg plantingbag-05.jpg plantingbag-06.jpg plantingbag-07.jpg plantingbag-09.jpg plantingbag-10.jpg plantingbag-11.jpg

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