SAIKE 858D Hot Air Hot Blower Rework Station Gun Heat Gun 220V

SAIKE 858D Hot Air Hot Blower Rework Station Gun Heat Gun 220V

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Digital ESD Soldering Station Saike 858D 220V Lead-free Hot Air Gun 700W Computer Phone Rework Station Ultra-fast Heating with nozzles


  • Model : 858D Lead-free air gun
  • Category : LED digital display microcomputer
  • Power consumption : 700W
  • Airflow type: brushless fan soft wind
  • Air flow: 120 l / min ( maximum )
  • Temperature adjustment range: 100 ° C to 450 ° C
  • Display format : LED Digital ( Resolution 1 ° C)
  • The handle assembly length : 120cm
  • Dimensions : 13.8cm ( high ) * 10cm ( width ) * 15cm ( length )
  • Body weight : 1.55kg
  • Noise: Less than 45dB


Package Included:
1x Main Unit
1 x Manual
1x Hot air gun handle



1 , closed loop sensors , microcomputer zero trigger temperature control , LED display , high power, rapid heating, temperature accuracy and stability , without affecting the amount of wind , truly free desoldering .

2 , adjustable air flow , air volume and a gentle wind , temperature regulation convenience , you can fit a variety of purposes .

3 , the handle is equipped with sensor switch, as long as the grip handle, the system can quickly enter the working mode ; handle released into the handle frame , the system will enter standby mode, real-time operating convenience .

4, the system has automatic cold function , prolong the life of the heating element and the protection of the hot air gun .

5 , the use of long-life brushless fan , minimal noise , high -quality heating element at the same power efficiency can be doubled , which can effectively extend the service life of the heating element and power savings.
6 , the machine is equipped with security features.

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