SAIKE 936 Soldering Station Precision Temperature Control

SAIKE 936 Soldering Station Precision Temperature Control

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Descriptions :

The SAIKE 936 soldering station is an inexpensive, precision temperature adjustable station that you can stack to conserve valuable bench space. ESD safe by design.


Features :

  1.     Split design, small size, can be stack-up for space-saving.
  2.     Lightweight handle suitable for long-time operation.
  3.     High quality ceramic heater core, four-wire design, long lifespan and low cost.
  4.     Anti-static / ESD safe, no creepage, no interference.
  5.     Stable and accurate temperature setting of 200 ~ 480°C
  6.     Compatible with HAKKO 900M series soldering tips.


Specifications :

1. Temperature Controlled Soldering Station

- Working voltage : AC220~240V / 50Hz
- Output voltage : AC24V
- Temperature control range : 200℃-480℃
- Display form : LED indicator
- Temperature stability : ±2℃ (no load)
- Power consumption : 45W (Energy saving)

2. Soldering Iron Handpiece

- Heating element : A1322 ceramic heating core
- Heating element voltage : AC24V ±10%, 50Hz
- Tip to Ground Resistance : <2Ω
- Tip to Ground Potential : <2mV (Typical 0.6mV)
- Soldering iron handpiece length : About 100cm


Package Content :

1 x Temperature Controlled Soldering Station with Power Cord,

1 x Soldering Iron Handle (include iron tips and heater),

1 x Soldering Iron Holder,

1 x Solder Cleaning Sponge,

1 x Operation Manual

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