50M High Quality 50M Inflatable bubble wrap Air Packing Protective

50M High Quality 50M Inflatable bubble wrap Air Packing Protective

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- Material: PE/Nylon 7layer nylon co-extruded film
- Name: Thicken inflatable air column film
- Product features 2: anti-pressure, buffer impact,protect
- Product features 1: shockproof,drop-proof, collision-proof
- Product advantages: Space-saving,the whole can be freely cut
- Applicable products 2: milk powder,red wine,tea, Jewellery,etc
- Material advantages: ecological, toughness super
- Role: Mail,fragile items,logistics,packaging
- Applicable products 1: mail,gifts,cups,bottles,fruits
- Thickness: 7.5 wire
- Color: white transparent



1. After inflating, the height will be shortened by about 4cm. The length will be reduced by about one-third.
2. The diameter of single column before inflating is 3CM, and the diameter of gas column after inflating is 2CM.
3. thick single-sided 7.5 silk, 150KG heavy people stepping on will not break after inflation.
4. The thickness of each air column is 2cm. The air column is filled with air and the length can be arbitrarily cut.
5. The air bag is not inflated before shipment. The above information size is the size before it is inflated. Buyers need to inflate themselves.


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