52.5mm 22pcs High quality Snooker Billiard English Balls

52.5mm 22pcs High quality Snooker Billiard English Balls

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A great value, good quality, affordable Snooker Ball Set
This Snooker set is 2" sized
Set of 22 2" snooker balls
15 x Reds, 1 x Yellow, 1 x Green, 1 x Blue, 1 x Brown, 1 x Pink, 1 x Black, 1 x White Cue Ball

Full 17-Ball Set
This great value snooker ball set is made in the 2-inch size, making it ideal for use on 6ft and 7ft British pool tables with regulation pockets. This opens your pool table up for use with a second game.

Durable enough for use on home tables, and on tables in public venues such as common rooms or bars*, they offer excellent performance and look fantastic.

*These balls are not suitable for use with coin mechanisms.

SnookerBall-02.jpg SnookerBall-03.jpg SnookerBall-04.jpg SnookerBall-05.jpg SnookerBall-06.jpg SnookerBall-07.jpg SnookerBall-08.jpg

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