4U 6U 9U Network cabinet Wall Mount Server Rack

4U 6U 9U Network cabinet Wall Mount Server Rack

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Product details of 4U / 6U / 9U Wallmount Server Cabinet Network Rack With Perforated Metal

Specifications:- Type: 4U / 6U / 9U - Product size: 19-inch- Product material: Cold rolled steel- Steel Plate thickness: 1 ~ 1.5mm- Surface: Frosted texture

- 1 Vented top cover with 1 fan hole

- 1 Front door with a lock

- 1 row power outlet with cable and plug top

- 20 sets of M6 cage nuts and screw

- 1 ~ 1.5mm thickness (Metal Thickness)

- Suitable / compatible with wall mount rack dimension

- Galvanized vertical beams with porous positions allow for easy up and down adjustment

- Mature process technology, modern production equipment, strict product testing, we are picky about every detail of our products

- Good quality and high configuration, the surface is spray-coated with good anti-corrosion effect, the cold-rolled steel plate is thick and load-bearing

- Striving for safe and sturdy, the bottom is reinforced with folded edges to make the tray stronger and more stable

- Strong load-bearing capacity, the load-bearing capacity of a single block is approximately 30KG, and the front and rear bends enhance the load-bearing effect



This product is widely used in computer rooms, servers, and company LANs.

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