Solenoid valve 12 volt

Solenoid valve 12 volt

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Solenoid valve specifications are as follows:

1. The valve is normally closed solenoid valve,

2. Voltage Specifications: DC12V,

3. Pressure: This is the solenoid valve for 0.02-0.8MPA pressure, 

4. Rated power: 5W,


6. Work: quota system (ie, intermittent duty cycle , the risk of the longest continuous work about four hours, ten minutes after the stop can continue to work more than four hours will burn the coil)

7. Temperature operation :( 0-100 ° C ) water

8. Water flow characteristics: 0.02Mpa > 0.4 L / min ; 0.10Mpa > 1.5 L / min ; 0.30Mpa > 3.5 L / min ; 0.80MPa > 6 L / min

9. Product dimensions:

10. Insulation: insulation resistance between the conductor and non-conductor greater than 100MΩ

Can be used to control automatically the air, drink water, oil flow  in the pipeline.  Great pneumatic part for industrial machines.

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