6-in-1 Soonye Laminator Photo / Paper Cutter A3 Laminate Machine

6-in-1 Soonye Laminator Photo / Paper Cutter A3 Laminate Machine

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laminator is also known as: laminating machine, laminator film laminator, laminating film machine, etc. Articles after lamination become not only more beautiful and strong, but also water proof, resistant to moisture, corrosion, moth repellent, crease-resistant, anti pollution, unfading, inviolable, for whom shelf life is within 50 years, etc., therefore it is widely used. protect, preserve, and enhance your precious documents and photos.

name A3 Six-in-One Laminator
function / Cold Rolling Hot, straight, broken line, wave line, and round corner
Supply voltage 220-240V 50Hz
laminating width 230mm
Warm-up time 3-5 minutes
rolling thickness 0.5mm
switch / Cold Rolling Hot, Power On / Off, ABS Anti-block switch Colle (Paper Unload Valve)
cut 410x160x65mm, suitable for various film A4 card sizes.

• Applied German model 
• Typical black and white colors, leading fashion 
• Laminator and 
paper cutter , two-in-One 
• three blade cutting effect: straight, broken line and wave line. 
• Portable Coin Round cutter, perfect cut 
• Aluminium alloy sliding bar 
• imported chip temperature control system; 
• Hiden inside sliding bar for 
cutting paper

• Durable 
• Intelligent operation with a finish key; 
• ABS Anti-block front and rear freely; 
• energy saving and environment; 
• heating function that is warm in winter; 
• Possible stratification of different sizes in A3 / A4 / B5, etc., paper 

laminatorA4-02.jpg laminatorA4-03.jpg laminatorA4-04.jpg laminatorA4-05.jpg laminatorA4-06.jpg laminatorA4-07.jpg laminatorA4-08.jpg laminatorA4-09.jpg laminatorA4-10.jpg laminatorA4-11.jpg laminatorA4-12.jpg laminatorA4-13.jpg laminatorA4-14.jpg laminatorA4-15.jpg laminatorA4-16.jpg

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