Battery Sony 5pcs 3V CMOS BIOS Battery CR2032 Computer

Battery Sony 5pcs 3V CMOS BIOS Battery CR2032 Computer

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Principle and Reactions

The coin type lithium manganese dioxide battery uses manganese dioxide (MnO2) as its positive active material, lithium (Li) as its negative active material, and an organic electrolyte.

Battery Reactions
Positive reaction : MnO2+Li++e-  ->  MnOOLi
Negative reaction : Li                  ->  Li++e-
Total reaction : MnO2+Li        ->  MnOOLi


Advantages of Lithium Coin Cell Batteries:

  • High, 3.0V energy density. They have about twice the nominal voltage of alkaline and silver oxide button batteries.
  • Stable discharge characteristics through low internal resistance and high operating voltage. Their design employs a highly conductive electrolyte, which lowers internal resistance and provides a stable operating voltage. This allows for a constant power, with little change in operating voltage over a wide wide of operating temperatures from -20C to +85C.
  • Superior leakage resistance and excellent storage characteristics. They employ a leak-resistant organic electrolyte, superior to other battery systems using alkaline electrolytes. The high effectiveness of the seal structure and application of sealant keep self-discharge to minimal amount of about 1% per year.
  • Superior high rate discharge characteristics. Optimum for memory and RTC backup displays. Long-term, stable operating voltage at low load discharge.

UL Recognized Components

The coin type lithium manganese dioxide battery is a UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) recognized component.

Recognized models:
CR2032, CR2032H,CR2025, CR2016,
CR1632, CR1620, CR1616, CR1220, CR1216 

Certification number: MH12568


●OA Machines (Fax, Copiers, Printers) ●Notebook PCs ●Desktop PCs
●PDAs ●Electronic Dictionaries ●Calculators
●Camcorders ●Digital Still Cameras ●Film Cameras
●Portable CD/MD Players ●Watches ●Medical Instruments, Cash Registers
●Electronic Meters (Gas, Water, Electricity) ●Keyless Entry Systems
●Portable Game Devices ●Remote Controllers
●FA Instruments (Measuring Instruments, Onboard Microcomputers, Sensors)


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