PH Tester Liquid for Water Quality Tester

PH Tester Liquid for Water Quality Tester

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Test the pH of the water containing this material is a product used to monitor and test the water with high stability and accuracy. Specific improvements are available to the aquaculture industry. And inexpensive, easy to test, and the result will certainly be the best choice for aquarium lovers.
Features :
High precision, ease of operation, low cost, easy to carry. (10ML /Bottle packaging is available about 150 times, and PH test paper is less than 90 times)
Can be measured in any PH value4--10Colorless solution pH between, the FDA can detect color rendering appropriate reaction on color

Specification : 
Can detect very weak buffer solution (0.005%) and the concentration is too low or (0.005%) of the acid solution.
Aquaculture, waste water treatment, laboratory, boiler system water, deionized water, electricity, paper, pharmaceutical,Drinking water machine,Cups, drinking water, teaching demonstration and other testing work

Usage :
This reagent drops3-4Drops 50ML Shake the test solution, half the amount needed can be measured solution, 1-2 drops reagent, according to color and color do not control the display card, you can read the PH value to give the corresponding solution.

Way To Use:
1st - Take half glass of water
2nd - Put 2 drop of pH tester into the water
3rd - Just a few second the water start to turn colour

Packaging, storage period :
10ML /Bottle Hardcover content of 99% Shelf life of 3 years.



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